TETRALUX is a state-of-the-art unit of production of Building and Industrial Colors installed in the Industrial Area of Sindos, in Thessaloniki Since the beginning of its function, the company rested on the belief that a company can be antagonizing and productive and at the same time operate with principles and social sensitivity.

The Company's continuous development and evolution depends on the high expertise, the technological infrastructure and the specialization of its executives. We possess modern mechanical equipment with complete automation for the production of a complete range of products to meet the needs of each paint shop.

The well-organized chemical laboratory allows us to guarantee excellent quality of produced products complying with all the requirements of the European Union. The Company faithfully maintains the commitment to the protection of the environment, aiming at the continuous improvement of its environmental-friendly performance.




Company Establishment


In 1997, the Company of production of Building colors, insulating colors,

Varnishes and trading of related items TETRALUX by Tzelos Evag. Anastasios in Sindos, Thessaloniki.





The TETRALUX merges with the renowned in the field of color




Facilities extension


In the years 2004-2006 ,the expansion of its premises is complete

with the construction of a new production wing and new two-storey administration offices in the industrial area of Sindos, Thessaloniki.



Styles-Decorative Mondo Bello


Important milestone of the Paints & Varnishes industry TETRALUX is

the exclusive cooperation and representation with the Italian company of decorative paints and styles Mondo Bello.



Investment & Facilities Expansion


A new expansion of the facilities of the TETRALUX factory was completed

(Raw material storage silo), alongside the investment of upgrading automation in production with state-of-the-art machinery.




The PERFECT building paints production unit along with its entire team

merged with TETRALUX




Τον Ιανουάριο του 2020 συγχωνεύτηκε με όλη την ομάδα της, στην TETRALUX As of January 2020 merged with the entire team with TETRALUX

ALPINA Paint Industry.


The faithful preservation of our development course that will be accompanied by the morality and values that will preserve our alliance with society, people and the environment.



Social responsibility

Unceasing participation in various social actions in order to improve the quality of life by supporting charitable organizations and institutions to help them meet their needs.


The company possesses all the up-to-date certifications of quality and all the products comply with the requirements of the European Union.


The requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management system: 2015


The ECOLABEL Eco-label certification process.


The legislation of the General Chemical Laboratory of the State in respect of safety bulletins.


TETRALUX with the planning of investment programs and the implementation of management systems aims to improve its environmental performance.


The requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001:2015


Guidelines for reducing the rate of volatile organic compounds (VOC low).


For TETRALUX, Human resources are a decisive factor in the success of its operational objectives and strategy.


We invest in the continuous coaching and training of our executives in order to profess quality with their every activity.


TETRALUX aims at the operational development and upgrading of the skills of the employees through the provision of contemporary developmental incentives.


We create and maintains a safe and stable working environment offering equal opportunities for training and development.

If you wish to join the staff of TETRALUX, please send your CV. You can send it matching a specific job description and be registered on the active database of the company’s CVs.

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