Tetracryl Acrylic, Silicone, Water repellent Plaster

Acrylic, silicone, elastomeric, water repellent plaster ready to use.

Excellent adhesion to all masonry materials like concrete, plaster, plasterboard, cement board etc.

Does not crack, highly water repelling.

Does not require a paint over-coat and due to its high elasticity

it is an ideal final coat to building insulating facades.

Application instructions
  • Stir well before use.
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from foreign objects and substances
  • A coating of SOVADUR primer or TETRADUR water or solvent based primer (waterproof primers with high penetration sand adhesion) follows.
  • After the primer dries, we stir well and apply using a stainless polished spatula or a plaster sprayer gun.
  • While the plaster is still dump (approx. 15-20 min), we finish by using a plastic spatula.
  • Not to be applied in temperatures below 10°C and above 35°C and in environment humidity over 80%.