Chalk Paint

Decorative watercolor with matte finish and a multitude of decorative effects, tints, vintage style, shabby chic.

Ideal for restoration and decoration of wooden furniture, walls or objects made of various materials such as wood, glass, iron, marble, plastics, wallpaper, brick, cement etc.

No pretreatment, sanding or priming is required, except on very glossy surfaces.

. It dries quickly, has great coverage and is available in many shades.

Available in White – P, ready-made colors and D & TR Base.

Application instructions
  • Stir well before use.
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from foreign objects and substances and sanded with suitable sand paper.
  • Chalk Paint is applied directly to the surface in 1 or 2 layers depending on the desired effect.
  • No sanding or priming of the surface is required
For a two-tone effect;
  • You may apply two coats of different color.
  • When the surface is dry, locally scrub the final color with sandpaper to the points you want so that the previous shade appears and the surface gets an impressive vintage or shabby chic look.
  • Apply with wax Mondobello or water-based CHALK VARNISH of TETRALUX for different obsolete results and extra protection.
  • Product for artistic use.