Epolux 131 Water based Epoxy paint

Two-components water based epoxy paint, redy to mix.

It exhibits high endurance and friction resistance.

It has excellent resistance to sea water, oxides, alkalis, hydrocarbons, oil and oil fractions.

It is specially designed as final paint for long-term protection and decoration of cement substrates, metal surfaces and steel structures.

It is ideal for application in places where the presence of solvents is undesirable.

Application instructions
  • Stir well before use.
  • Component B is completely added to A and mixed for at least 5 minutes until the mixture is completely homogenized.
  • Apply with a brush, roller or pistol within 48 hours after the drying of the primer that has previously been applied.
  • The second coat is applied within 48 hours after the first one has dried.
  • Adhesion between the layers may be affected by the presence of moisture or dirt.
  • If there is a waiting time between the consecutive layers longer than expected or if old surfaces are to be dyed again, the surface must be cleaned and ground thoroughly before the new application.
  • The application temperature should not be below 10 ° C and the humidity should not exceed 75% RH.
  • After the product has been applied, the surfaces must be protected from moisture for 4-6 hours as the moisture can cause a white tinge on the surface and / or make it sticky.
Cement substrates
  • The quality of the concrete must be at least C20 / 25 with a cement content of 350 kg / m3, moisture content <4% and application must be carried out at least 30 days after the construction of the surface.
  • The priming is done with the EPOLUX 135 CLEAR PRIMER epoxy primer of TETRALUX diluted 10% by weight with water.
Metallic Surfaces
  • Good surface cleaning is required and brushing, sand blasting, milling, etc. are required depending on the surface.
  • The priming is done in two coats with EPOLUX 127 RUST PRIMER epoxy primer.