Corroblocker Rust Inactivator

CORROBLOCKER is a water-based undercoat for rust inactivation.

Converts residual rust into a stable organic iron complex and provides long-term corrosion protection.

Ensures good penetration of rust and enhances adhesion.

Application instructions
  • Surfaces must be free of oils, grease, loose rust and old paint.
  • Before application, mix well with wooden stick in the container to be completely homogenized.
  • It is applied without dilution with a paint roller or brush.
  • It is not necessary to apply excess material (consumption 7-10m²/lit) and the stabilization of rust and change of color to grey-black is completed in 2-3 hours.
  • Then the surface can accept any anti-rust primer and final paint.
  • The paint tools are cleaned immediately after application with water.
  • Avoid applying the product when the ambient and surface temperatures are below 10°C and above 32°C.

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