Monolux acryl Terrace insulating paint

One component, elastomeric, white, sealant paint comprised of acrylic resins.

Develops a waterproof elastic membrane, impermeable to still water.

Suitable for insulating terraces, parapets, concrete rooftops, gutters etc.

Retains its elasticity in adverse weather conditions while covering small cracks.

Reflects sunlight, high whiteness and adhesion on the surface.

Suggested primers: Tetradur water or solvent based primer by TETRALUX

Application instructions
  • Stir well before use
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contaminants.


    New surfaces
  • 1st coat: prime using TETRADUR water or solvent based primer
    NOTE: In case of a highly absorbent surface, after 12
    hours, re-prime using TETRADUR or Monolux acryl insulating paint
    for terraces thinned up to 100% with water.
  • 2nd coat: One layer or Monolux acryl undiluted. Re-coat-able after
    12 hours.
  • 3rd coat: One layer or Monolux acryl undiluted.


Painted surfaces
  • Repair flaking parts where necessary and prime TETRADUR
    water or solvent based primer.
  • Re-coat twice using Monolux acryl for terraces undiluted.


Strengthening week spots
  • Weαk spots like parapet-floor joints, ventilation inlets, etc are further protected using underlaying membranes soaked with Monolux acryl terrace insulating paint.
  • Following we over-coat using enough Monolux acryl, to cover completely.