MONOTILE is an acrylic, ready to use, elastomeric coating.

It is recommended for waterproofing surfaces before fixing ceramic tiles in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, as well as for other places that are occasionally exposed to water, like balconies.

Application instructions
  • Clean the surface from dust, grease and loose materials.

  • After the surface cleaning, apply one layer of TETRAPLASTas primer diluted with water in ratio 1:3 (TETRAPLAST:WATER) 100-200gr/m².


  • Across joints and wall-floor joints, around pipes and drains, is recommended the local reinforcement of the MONOTILE sealing membrane with adhesive butyl tape or fiberglass tape (65 g/m2) or polyester fabric (30 g/m2).
  • Apply MONOTILE in two cross layers.

General Notes

  • For the fixing of ceramic tiles it is recommended to use tile adhesive of category «flex» S1/S2 or dispersion class D2, otherwise (use of simple adhesive) it is recommended to use BETOCONTACT as an intermediate layer before the adhesive application.
  • Wash tools immediately after application with water and detergent (if it is necessary).
  • Avoid the application when the ambient and surface temperature is below 10°C and above 32°C.

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