Thermolux Interior 

High quality, thermo insulating, emulsion paint by Tetralux for interior use.

Prevents the development of mold on the dry film.

Contributes to energy saving and energy efficiency.

Applicable on any kind of surface, new or painted, plasterboard, plaster, concrete etc. giving a wonderful, washable, high endurance mat finish.

Suggested primers: Tetradur water or solvent based primer by TETRALUX

Available in white – P and D tinting base

Application instructions
  • Stir well before use
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from foreign objects and substances.
  • In case mold has developed on the surface, it has to be removed using an anti-mold product, or a water-chlorine solution.
  • The process is suggested to be repeated.
  • For achieving maximum energy efficiency, a 300 μm thick film is required (a 3rd coat of paint).